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Projects & Photo Gallery

"The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved." - Richard Rogers
Casita de Tierra
Casa de Tierra's pioneer project in San Juan del Sur exhibits a load-bearing wall system demonstrating that thick earthen walls, with no rebar or cement, can support a roofing structure. We, also, installed earthen floors, created an indoor dry-composting toilet system, utilized local woods for the furniture, routed all grey water to the outdoor garden, and maximized air flow by including cross-ventilating screened windows and bamboo gables below the natural palm frond and cane roof.

earthbag building
Free High School for Adults Free High School for Adults of San Juan del Sur
Casa de Tierra is proudly collaborating with the non-profit organization Random Acts in the construction of a permanent Free High School for Adults in San Juan del Sur.

Casa Thomson
The Thomson family frequent Nicaragua, and purchased their dream lot in San Juan del Sur. They selected Casa de Tierra to build their hybrid home, which features earthbag walls alongside conventional techniques.
earthbag home
Bamboo building Casa Tucker
Casa de Tierra created Tucker’s appealing, inviting and unique oval-shaped two-story bamboo home in El Camino del Sol in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. We chose bamboo as our building material, featuring Guadua posts, caña esterilla wall paneling, and bamboo furniture. This sustainable home highlights the strength and beauty of bamboo.
Casa Hartwell
Casa de Tierra built an environmentally-friendly home using bamboo as main building material, featuring Guadua posts, caña esterilla wall paneling, bamboo furniture, natural stone flooring and a loft laid with local wood. Their lovely sustainable home benefits from both the strength and beauty of bamboo.
Bamboo building
Gigante Health Center Gigante Community Health Center
Project Wave Of Optimism (Project WOO) ran a community census and needs assessment in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua, and 80% of the population prioritized a community health center as their greatest need, and we at Casa de Tierra were thrilled to be selected as the contractor to build their Health Center.
Casita Brett & Susan
Casa de Tierra collaborated with Brett & Susan on building their earthbag casita on the sands of Playa Marsella. They were hands-on throughout the whole project, designing the space and injecting their individual style and aesthetic.
Natural building nicaragua
earthbag building Casita de Melanie
In April 2011, Casa de Tierra broke ground for an earthbag guesthouse on client Melanie Hamilton's land in San Juan del Sur.
Preschool in Cebadilla
Casa de Tierra joined forces with student volunteers to aid in the construction of the San Juan del Sur Sister City Project preschool.
building nicaragua
construction nicaragua Welcome Center
Casa de Tierra constructed a Welcome Center that showcases a variety of progressive natural building techniques.

Casita at Playa Yankee
Casa de Tierra is building a casita in Playa Yankee that features a floating foundation, earthbag walls, natural plasters, a palm frond roof, earthen floors, and a composting toilet.
sustainable construction nicaragua
earthbag building Bamboo + Earth Construction
Casa de Tierra paired up with CO2 Bambu to lead students of the Instituto Nacional Tecnológico - INATEC, to create two model structures of bamboo + earth at the Universidad de Santo Tomas in Granada, Nicaragua.
Casa de Hybrid
This home illustrates another hybrid collaboration with GrupoMax, a prominent contracting company in San Juan del Sur. Casa de Tierra laid a floating foundation and created earthbag walls for this two-story residential home.
hybrid construction nicaragua
earthbag building Casa de Sánchez
Casa de Tierra paired up with the philanthropic McBroom family to create a house for a local family in need in San Juan del Sur. We lent our construction skills and services to swiftly create a two-bedroom home using conventional building techniques.
Hermosa Beach Earthen Oven
Casa de Tierra and San Juan del Sur's favorite bakery, Pan de Vida, paired up to create an earthen oven for Nicaragua's beautiful beach, Playa Hermosa. The oven is about 4.5' in diameter, and was constructed out of sand, clay, volcanic rock, and sawdust.
earthen oven nicaragua
beachfront construction Casa Baldovinos
Casa de Tierra assisted the Baldovinos Family in completing their beach bungalow on Popoyo Beach. We utilized conventional building techniques, and implemented locally fired clay bricks, natural stone flooring, and grey water systems. The result is a large, airy, beautiful beach home.
Garden Walls in El Carrizal
Casa de Tierra set an impressive outdoor earthbag wall system on our client's land in El Carrizal. The 18" thick walls reach 9' feet high in some areas and feature arches throughout. The walls organically weave and curve through the landscape, serving as a border for gardens, a windbreak, and a line of security.
Natural building walls
natural building nicaragua Casa de Pattison
Casa de Tierra partnered up with GrupoMax, an esteemed contracting firm in San Juan del Sur, to create hybrid homes in the community of El Encanto.
School in Las Brisas #2
Casa de Tierra teamed up with a group of non-profit organizations to educate a rural community in how to build their own schoolhouse with their own hands using local materials and natural building techniques.
earthbag school
sustainable building nicaragua Community Composting Bathroom in Cebadilla
In collaboration with several non-profit organizations, Casa de Tierra led a group of youth volunteers to create a dry-composting bathroom for the schoolchildren of Cebadilla.