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Gigante Community Health Center

Project Wave of Optimism (Project WOO), a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, ran a community census and needs assessment in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua, and 80% of the population prioritized a community health center as their greatest need. Accordingly, Project WOO helped guide the Gigante Health Committee (GHC) in addressing this core need through research, securing land, gaining government support, and choosing a contractor.

We at Casa de Tierra were thrilled to be selected as the contractor to build the Community Health Center in this rural community. We believe that just as a health center strives to oversee the health of its patients, a sustainable building aims to safeguard both its inhabitants and the environment by promoting a healthier indoor air quality; encouraging the use of materials that are renewable, local and low in embodied energy; and, reducing waste, pollution, and environmental degradation. And, by incorporating these natural-building ideas into the formation of a health center, we are fostering a sense of physical and environmental stewardship for the community.

The Gigante Community Health Center features earthbag exterior walls, interior walls were made using bamboo construction techniques, local flagstone flooring, an intelligent passive ventilation system, ambient lighting configuration, and abides by the U.S. building codes to accommodate the physically handicapped.

See the Casa de Tierra team hard at work on the Health Center:


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